GFX | first swat type gfx

I see a lot of these swat type gfx in tutorials and stuff so I thought I’d give it a shot.

this is kinda the first time I’m using different assets on the basic roblox character, let me know how I did!

i don’t think I did my best on the lighting and composition, but it was just practice anyways :pray:

thanks! :call_me_hand:

here is my portfolio


Looks good but the character should be in a position doing something, rather than just standing still.

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You have potential! For your first swat type gfx, that’s amazing and you clearing have talent based on your portfolio. The only thing I would say, since its a “swat” type of gfx is to have the character doing some type of pose heroic type pose. Maybe with the gun out aiming at something. But overall I rate it a 8/10, if this was an ad I would have definitely clicked on it! The lighting is great, the character is great, the background is great, the logo is great! Just have the character strike a pose! Wish you luck!:grin::+1:


It looks really good, but it kind of has nothing to it. Maybe you could add something happening in the background? Maybe he is holding something or he is in a position?

This is really good, but the clothes really ruin the vibe. I suggest making them way less reflective.

The reflection is a bit intense, but good job for a first. It’s the only GFX I’ve seen that looks good with “stiff” character parts. I would definitely click on this (assuming it’s a game logo but I’m not sure).

The lighting could’ve been at a higher angle to it brightens the rest of the body and rather than standing still, you could’ve had a pose like the model holding a gun. If you had more to your background like the GFX is positioned in a military hut or in a landscape with a sunset on the back, then your GFX would be more eye appealing. Otherwise, seeing all of your other work on your portfolio and the model itself on this GFX looks great.

Wow! Spicy​:fire::fire:

Also how did you make the shading?