[Gfx] First time using cycles!

I don’t really wanna get into what I do but I normally use blender render feature instead of cycles so this was like dipping my toes into new water.
I want honest criticism.
O yea I have use cycles slightly just like to actually render or use hdris.
Go check out my portfolios if you are interested!

The image


Great job!

Now, it’s time for you to learn about editing, which is an effective tool for GFX, here’s an original picture of the render

Here’s the one which is edited

Using a photo editing software may ease your render workflow, as you can put effects, and adjust lighting without touching the scene, just a PNG/JPG and a software


  • The camera angle, kinda weird imo.
  • Would be nicer if you are using a sun object than a point light.
  • Missing glossy nodes, etc.
  • Kinda plain, but I guess that’s just a test, so /shrug