GFX For a club first time using blender Text

I have been doing this for only 2 Months. First time using text. Feedback would be nice :slight_smile:


Really cool for only doing it for two months :+1:

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I like it! What rig are you using?

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Looks good, but the background is plain, you should use an image of the cafe

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The lighting is very bland, looks like you only have one light source.


The lighting is nice and uniform on the character, but doesn’t fit the vibe. It looks like you just took a spotlight and pointed it at the character, and it doesn’t match up with the emission lighting from the sign. It’s a decent start, but it’s just too plain, you need some actual builds in there and you should consider trying PBR textures.

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So funny question I have used 2 rigs this my first render with the new rig it is SO much better I don’t know were the link is But If I see it I will message you.

Why: Bad Lighting, Bad text font, plain background, bad pose.

Also, you seriously need to edit the image with overlays and glows and touch-ups and stuff.

The valk? like bruh put 1 and 2 together LOL

Oh, ok. I’m literally blind.

haha its ok. I think we all are sometimes

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please make something better I would love to see it lol

It’s nice but maybe add some overlays and a different background! :))

I like the shadows.

PS: Remember to watermark your art even if it’s just a draft, it takes 2 seconds

Ok thanks for the advise haven’t been scamed yet but rather be safe than sorry

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As Logimite already stated, I agree with this. Hope this feedback can help.