GFX For Homestore

Worked on it for like 30 minutes.
The lighting is kinda screwd.


I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but the mannequins beneath the “EXCLUSIVE” signs appear to have completely disconnected all their limbs.

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Looks pretty bland, the person who is leaning on the shelf looks weird. Probably use some overlays to pump up the lighting.


That’s fact, I ungrouped the humanoid by accident.

Yeah, actually I used only point light so the lighting is not very good. Also some of the poses are weird as you said. Anyways thanks for feedback I will try to learn on it.

This looks well, it has a background, many people and is interesting.
There is nothing you should change and fix.
Great job.

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w h a t

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LOL, ungrouped humanoid be like

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why is he floating (275) Why is he floating?

some of their limbs are clipping through objects.