GFX for my friend(s)!

My friend requested me to make a thumbnail for him. Actually, two of my friends!
I made both GFX in about 1 hour, so don’t have high expectations. I consider myself a beginner.
Currently, these renders are very unrefined and I just threw random effects on it. Tell me what needs to be done and what I could do to improve. Thank you.
Friend 1:

Friend 2:

Yes, the rig is stiff but I have my excuses.

Go all out if you need too. I can take it. >_<


I think it looks great, would be better if the pose is better.

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Looks clean bro, did you add a shadow to the homage thumbnail?

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hm, can you explain what that means?

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I understand what you’re saying especially for the second thumbnail because that one is already unexpressive.
However, what about the first? Is there anything specific about it I can improve? I’m already limited by the fact my friend is standing on a small brick.

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For the first one I’m not too sure if you could, it’d be funny if another person was falling lol

Yeah, haha.
I need to incorporate more humor in my creations! I can easily do that if I wanted. Thanks for the suggestion! I will keep this in mind for my future GFX.

I love the brick wall one! all are amazing. good work!