GFX for our game

Hello, fellow developers! Today, I made a logo for our game “Timescape!” which is currently W.I.P. In order to achieve this, we used one of the game’s characters and put them in a combat stance with a cool sword (which we do not own.) Anyway, here’s the logo, hope you like it! ^-^

The logo

Edit: I used this website to watermark the image! Watermark Photos Online For Free – Make & Add Watermark | Watermarkly


It looks amazing! Keep up the good work. :+1:

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Add a Face Decal, and that will be even better

It honestly didn’t, but thanks for the feedback!

I believe it looks better without a face.

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Is your game logo related to a combat style or space look, you could even throw other planets stars and more if this is a logo related in space?

The sword or what I’m assuming is an effect dropped on the design the laser kind of looks weirdly placed I’m assuming it has something to do with that effect put on the entire design having variety of lines in it. Overall the game doesn’t have much information on what the actual game is about is this something related to a sword theme or fighting enemies - players, you could perhaps include something in the image so it’ll give players a little information on what the game is about.

Try adding another character chasing her or wanting to fight that player in the scene if you feel like it’s needed in any case. Since your game features a action look include something like the game text “Timescape”. Right now, there’s still space for improvements.

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I added some text to one image!