GFX Game Thumbnail - Feedback needed

Made this GFX Thubmanil and wanted to know how to improve it, thanks! (I am aware of some of the lighting issues, will fix those right away!

You can hire me here!


I like the how the thumbnail turned out! I do however think that the person on the right side doesn’t blend in the with scene. Also, it looks like he’s in an awkward pose by looking at the legs, the torso, and his arms.

But other than that, it’s a really colorful GFX!


Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, do you have any reccomendations for the pose of the person on the right? Thanks again!

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It looks really good! Now it might just be me but I think the grain I the background kinda throws it off. Great thumbnail though!

The grain is meant to be stars, show I make them more visible or just dissapear?

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Not the stuff in the sky, that looks great, I mean on some of the characters in the back

Oh! Click the image to see the high-resolution, it is because of the devforum.

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looks really cool but the guy on the right looks weird. 9/10 idk how you would fix the person maybe remove him and put the logo there but bigger? good job.

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Alright! Will be sure to fix that!

like it! very colorful and good color gradient. Lighting is nice as well.

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It’s a really good Thubmanil! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback! Really motivates me further!

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Amazing GFX. Keep it up. Hope you the best of luck

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