GFX Help on Gamepass

Hey guys! I am mainly a programmer, however, I would like to try and learn GFX as well. I find it very fun, and something I enjoy.

As I am new to this, I am having a hard time with this gamepass. (Not using it, just seeing what I can make.)

I’m not really sure how to make it pop out, or look neat. I’m new to GFX, but also kind of new to Photoshop. I’ve tried strokes, bending texts, etc. but nothing is working for me.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this look more cartoony, and neat?


Maybe you should increase the depth of the yellow crown and VIP text along with moving it up and showing the bottom 3d depth of the crown and the top 3d depth of the VIP texts. Both should end in the middle where the shine is coming from. Along with that, you could make it look like a button or pin by making it all shiny with a little glow and one last white sparkle like you see in those cheesy movies when someone smiles and their teeth sparkle if ya know what I mean.