GFX I made for my UGC models

New GFX I made using the UGC concept accessories I have created.


WOW!!! All I have to say is that it is amazing and perfect!!! :smiley:


Woah, this looks very nice! Props to you for making it look that good. I love the shading and all that fun stuff.

But I’m a little bit confused as to why there is a character floating above the other character on the right. But, we all have our reasons, right? :grin:

Besides that, amazing 10/10! :+1:

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Meant to add some more feel to that character. There’s a jetpack behind him

Ohh, okay I didn’t think of that! That’s very creative, my apologies for assuming. Still a great GFX!

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Looks beautiful! the effects and the shading! perfect!

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It looks amazing! Good job!! :smile:

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Very Cool, Stratocratic! Very Cool!

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The character on the top left looks very “uncomfortable” and out of place. Perhaps add more “movement” into their limbs.

There are not many shadows, and assuming this image is backlit, the rear of them should be lit with light, while the front should be shaded, as there is not much light to reflect onto that side.

As a simple render, I say it has flaws, but isn’t too terrible.

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