GFX I whipped up real fast [the tea one is the one i just made]

This has glass with like dirty glass, but you cant see it for reason

edit: the floor is glass btw


looks amazing! nice job!, how long did u take to make the 3rd one.

It took like 15 minutes, It was an map of an game, imported to blender, then rendered in eevee (im pretty sure it was eevee)

Oh yeah guess how long it took for me to make the second one aswell :flushed:

um lemme think… 2 hours?? or more

yeah it took alot of rendering, so realistic right :wink:

i made it, thank me later

Maybe you could teach me how to make awesome renders like you. :smiley:

Wow that 2nd one looks mighty realistic :face_with_monocle:

The floor is actually grass on that im pretty sure, but you can’t see it due the camera angle. the models were from the blenderkit plugin in blender, which is easy to get to use no download, and the rig was paint.rig or something, and the rendering engine was cycles.