[GFX] Islang Pantropiko (Tropic Island) - Soti

Summer Season is already here, so here’s my entry on Summer GFX.

I stopped doing GFX for almost a year because I was busy with school but now I’m back this summer and i need your opinion and feedback on my GFX, be honest and don’t worry I won’t get hurt lol.

P.S. This is also my first time using Cycles, I was overwhelmed with the Cycles Setting so I’ve never really used it (but honestly I was just really too impatient with rendering lol) :grin:


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These GFXs look great! The graphics and lighting are very good! How long did it take you to create these? Great job on them!

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Thank you for the feedback! It took me less that an hour per Renders but the editing definitely did take longer since I’m on a new Laptop and the graphics that I used to have are no longer in my files.

I love the composition on these! Here are just a few things I’d look out for and some tips for the future:

  1. An HDRI that matches the mood of the scene. I like to do a blue HDRI for regular scenes (simulator, etc) and an orange/sunset HDRI for a cafe or restaurant. You should render transparent, and I think that you’ve done that already. You can adjust the strength based on what looks good for the scene.

  2. I think you are using a mixture of brightening the world and a sun light. A better way for lighting on individual characters would be area lights. Just remember small size lights are stronger and create more shadows. Larger sized lights are much less intense and have less shadows. You can experience with these by creating rim lights and such, but don’t make the lights have too high of strength to prevent it from looking unrealistic. I like to use anywhere from 5-30 depending on the scene and what the light is for. I also like to put a sun at 1.5 strength facing upward from the camera pointing towards the scene. This helps guide the shadows. If you think the sun light makes the shadows too intense, you can just increase the angle and it will adjust.

  3. Cycles has many great advantages! You should look into different nodes that help create more 3d and realistic scenes. There are videos online to help you with this, but you could definitely improve that sand texture (and many others in the future) with just a few nodes like bump and color ramp.

  4. Sometimes I can see that your posing is a bit stiff. This may sound weird, but standing up and imitating the pose yourself can really help sometimes.

  5. As far as the logo, I’d say you have a lot of potential there. There is a youtube channel called GFX Comet that has tutorials on those and I think they would help maximize your potential.

Overall, great work! I can’t wait for your improvement and good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! Those are really helpful tips, to be honest I have been on the Graphic Design for a while now but I just lose motivation because sometimes my work don’t turn how I want it to, but thank you for the tips

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