GFX Logo for upcoming game!

what should i add to the logo? i would like to hear some suggestions!


Maybe write the name of your game at the bottom. If it’s only in beta stages, like my game is, I would change “SOON” to “BETA”.


nope its not beta we’re still working on it and were getting a logo soon


Also, other people might not know what Beta even means.

Well, most people do, if you don’t you can easily Google it (link to beta definition). And here’s the beta test definition; the one we’re talking about.

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You think people are going to use Google to search for what something means?
Half of the people that play Roblox that I have interviewed online, as well as my friends, do not know what Beta means, and they do use Roblox Studio.

Well there not that experienced.

It reminds me of fall guys, a really fun game, Yeah changing it to beta would be better, Soon doesn’t really make sense, since people would only see the icon if the game is out, and yeah overall it looks good!

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Well, sure. If they want. I’ve seen many games with a “BETA” tag.


it is going to be like fall guys :wink: