GFX Logo Specialist | For Hire

Hello, I have been working in Photoshop for a few years and decided recently I wanted to learn Cinema 4D so I can use my skills here on Roblox. Right now I am very confident in my ability to make logos at request so I am opening up my services.

I can make group logos or game logos for as little as 500 R$. I will show you how it looks (watermarked) and when you’re happy with it you can pay me first for the design.



I am available almost 24/7 so I can make your designs fairly quick. I give unlimited revisions as well, so I can work until it’s something you enjoy.


Please add my Discord: ryantactics#1103


Hello i would like to hire accept my request ang32#4407

I sent you a friend request chief.

My discord: WoGiTeam#8451
(30 char)

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Enjoyed working with you. Thanks for the opportunity.

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