GFX on blender limbs wont bend please help!

If you guys could help the limb for the left and right arm and the legs wont bend for me in blinder even if rotated


Please help.

So you’re using the paint rig and I know that’s one of the more used but buggy rigs. First are you in pose mode? Select pose mode in the same place you would select edit or object mode. If so try using the video below and bend limbs at their joints. If it doesn’t work try re-uploading and then try.

ty yes iam on pose mode when i move the limb only the red rotation works but not the green i want it to hold my hip and the sword to the left

Yes, this ‘error’ is actually done on purpose by the PaintRig’s creator. The limbs don’t naturally bend that way, so there is no bending support for it.

is there anyway to fix it possibly ?

No, not that I know of. This is an intended feature, not a bug.

why would he intend it doesnt he want everyone to use it.

With paintrig you can rotate the upper arm around then rotate it forward 1 direction thats the only workaround with PaintRigs that I know of.

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I don’t know, I didn’t create the rig. :man_shrugging:

do you know of any other better rigs then the rigV3

Yes, that’s the way I use. It kinda makes the rig looks weird but it does the job decently.

No, I don’t since the PaintRig is the easiest to use and I’ve never had the need to use another.

is there a way i can add u guys on discord and sharescreen to help me real fast since im new to this.

Theres a V4 Version of the rig which is really good for posing and stuff might reccomend trying that?

What do you need help with though? Just rotate the arm 90 degrees sideways and the rotate the way you wanted to.

sure are you able to give me the link for it please.

all i need help with is the Y rotation.

Btw - I scanned the file on VirusTotal and it detected no viruses.

this video should have it in its description