GFX piece for a friend

For @Voleraii

Likes and feedbacks are heavily appreciated :heart:


the neon glowy thingies around girl are litterally in the wall, as are her legs. the sky looks too non-robloxy and like a skybox, and the lighting isn’t soft or smooth.


The phased glowy stuff were never meant to be shown at all because it’s supposed to be cropped for a twitter handle

skybox shouldn’t be always roblox-ish because roblox are going to introduce dynamic skies which can make it drift from your standard robloxian sky

and in what way is the lighting isn’t soft or smooth?
It’s literally been projected through the environment to give it the realistic light bounces.

Thanks for the feedback anyway.


its not soft or smooth because it doesn’t have any light fog or atmosphere like it would in real life. also add some more clouds that are more lower down.
use emission planes for lighting. it works WAY better :slight_smile:

Now that’s an actual suggestion. your first reply seemed like “bleh! this thing sucks!”
but yeah, I had the same idea of adding fog and giving a more general atmosphere.

For the emission planes? I don’t recommend it when you want to give out an outdoor feeling to it. It’s pretty great for still renders but terrible if you want to do what I’m trying to pull off and I also blame myself for using a sun point instead of the built-in dynamic sky lights which should give out more accurate lighting to say the least.

Wonderful work as always, thank you for this