[GFX Portfolio] Ayisuyl, Graphic Design

About Me

Hi there, Ayisuyl here. I am offering my services as a graphic designer. I specialize in all types of designs. I create detailed icons in studio with different editors. I have been on ROBLOX for over 5 years and have lots of experience. I have worked with many small groups. I have experience with military, café, hotel, etc.


As you can see I specialize in a variety of different groups. I could use more detail but these are just basic designs. I don’t use Blender but I take pride in my work and offer affordable prices.
(Also don’t mind the text at the bottom. Thats just from the watermark app lol.)


I am available for work throughout the week. You can contact me any time. Even if I’m busy, I will be sure to get back to you!


Prices depend on the type of design and the detail. I have been known not to charge too much so if you are someone looking for detailed work but at a low price, I’m the guy. My preferred payment method is group funds but game passes work as well.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or through ROBLOX DMs.

Thanks for reading!

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