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About Me

Hello. I am TyrantHalo, you may also known me as Austin, PlatinumOptics, or XForceXROBLOX.
I make Cafe GFX to Star Wars GFX. I have had 3 years of experience on Roblox GFX’s.





Currently, I am in the MDT time zone. You can search it up on google, in weekends, I should be available from 11 AM - 12 AM,

Terms Of Service
I have the right to cancel the order.
I will have it done as soon as I can.
After several re-visioning, if the GFX does not meet your expectations. You must pay 40 robux. (Unlikely since reference picture’s is a thing.)
You must have your payment ready.
I will show you a GFX with watermarks, and if you like it. You will have to pay.

Logo - 200 Robux.
Thumbnail - 300 Robux.
Ad - 100 Robux.
Renders - 50 Robux.


Nice, I be suggesting you to my friends.

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