GFX Price Assistance + Feedback

Could I get some Feedback on my GFX? :slight_smile:
Could I get an estimated price?



Thank you!


At he first one i like the lightning! I would give u the advice to start with 250 - 400 robux! Good Job!


I like these! But there are a few things you could work on. In the first one it’s very visible that the water cuts off, I also think the scene is a bit dark. In the second one, the scene is very empty and the character is stiff, next time try bending the arms and legs. Pricing wise, I’d charge 200-500. Hope this helps! :wink:

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Wow, these are really skilled. These can definitely sell for 2k Robux or more. If you have some more stuff going on in them, that level could easily be closer to 10k. A main problem I see with artists is that they undervalue their work because the market is so competitive, but you really should try never to do that. Hope this helped, and good luck!

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My Suggestions

This is some pretty good work, but there are some areas where its lacking.

Boat GFX


  1. Good job on water and making the boat interact with the water, very realistic!
  2. Lighting is really good, and the sun rays reflecting on the boat is perfect!
  3. Textures on the boat and character are very well done.
  4. Birds are a realistic and nice look.
  5. The sky is well implemented.


  1. Water has a very clear ending, solve this by turning on and using depth of field.
  2. Nothing flashy or incredibly eye-catching. The image is really good, but when I see it it looks more like TV-show quality. Something that would be animated in the show and would look good. But you know how TV-Shows and movies usually have an amazing looking poster but the video content itself is not as high quality? That’s where your problem falls in. It would look really good if you put it in a show or video, but as a big thumbnail image its not as good. (Examples below)


Notice how the poster image has very close up camera angles, keeps it flashy, keeps it big and in your face but the clips are more like what you would actually see in a film? Your 3D modeling and texturing and lighting skills are good, but you need to get better at deciding how your final GFX will look.

First one: 700 ROBUX

2nd Poster

  1. Good lighting
  2. Good modeling
  3. The ground is obviously tiled.
  4. Once again, lacking the flashy look. Good 3D work, but it’s just a guy standing in rain. The scene looks a little bland and boring. Maybe add some puddles or some street lights, a bike, etc. Try to add more too it.

Second one: Maybe 300 ROBUX

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply, appreciate it! :smiley:

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Thank you for your response! :smiley: Appreciate it.

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