GFX Profile Picture

software: studio, blender
feedback appreciated


I’d say the camera is too close and the face and background is a bit grain. But ill give u a 8/10 its good! :smile:


I agree with @XTheMaskedRobloxianX. The camera is too close, but the background is great.

I think it’s a little bit to close.

I like that! I just fine that the colour with the background is a bit off, maybe try and, with the clothes / skintone shading and stuff, add some of that? Otherwise I’d rate it a solid 8/10!

And yeah, the camera is a bit close but if you’re using that as a PFP you’d only get the head.

Make the camera move a little back, then maybe make the lighting more realistic on the character

Is it just me or his hair is kind of not In place. nice backround but its kind of basic. you should make Like sheasu does using photoshop. I reccomend checking out he’s tutorials it will help you. I am a gfx designer so I can tell this is basic. If your new to it congrats! the render is as well blurry. I will give it an 6/10 I know you can make it better

The background isn’t really suitable to the GFX, I think you can change that. It’s also a bit noisy in the character, use a denoiser to solve that. Other than that, great job!

Not anyone can afford Photoshop but you are right on the hair thing It cannot be with the rig so we need to put it separately

The character’s problems wouldn’t be seen in the profile picture because it will appear smaller

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