GFX Rended Invisible (Blender)

Hey Developers! I’ve been working on a game GFX recently for my upcoming game Singing Simulator! I’m a pretty big GFX noob so excuse me for my lack of knowledge with terms and whatnot.

My error is that when rendering my GFX, my hats are invisible, but my glasses are not (They were both imported together.). Does anyone know how to fix this?

Here’s an unfinished render that shows kind of whats happening.image


Can you send a picture of the material setup you have for your hats? This can be done be selecting the object and going to the Shader Workplace (via the workplace button shown below highlighted in blue).
My first thought would be that this is caused by a problem with your node setup.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll do that right away.

@AxoLib is this what you mean?

Hi! Yes that’s what I was asking for. Everything seems to be fine. I was thinking you may of mixed a transparency shader or something of the sorts.

Two questions: Does the transparency appear in solid and lookdev views? (One of these views: image) and have you checked that the textures aren’t transparent themselves?

I couldn’t think of anything else that would cause only these objects to be rendered as transparent. If anyone has any ideas on the subject please reply.

I use to also have that issue. Here is a pretty good video I used to fix that.

Thank you both for helping, the video helped a lot and I was able to solve the problem! Thanks again!

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