GFX | Rich Life Simulator

Just another gfx I made
(not for a real game lol)

just practice, feel free to leave any feedback or criticisms.


Wow, this looks great!

Nice details you added to it as well, like how the walls are graffitied.

The colour of the car looks perfect! But, have you tried changing the colours and seeing how the other colours will look like?

Also, try adding a trash bag near the door since judging from the background it looks like an alley theme. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Overall, awesome job!

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Woah, that’s nice. Try making the door more metallic. Overall that’s an amazing GFX and I can’t wait for more.

Looks cool, but this guy looks like a dude living on minimum wage trying to look rich,not an actual rich guy.

Looks amazing! Also remember to keep lighting up, as I can slightly see some cool graffiti, while not very clearly due to it being dark. Other than that, that looks really good!

Edit: I really love the light from the phone!
Great work!

I feel like it’s very vividly appealing, although I feel like the contrast with the backdrop and the front is much too different. The back is too dark, and as somebody who’s red green colorblind, I thought the red graffiti was an Among Us character.

All in all, it’s nice, just the back should be a bit brighter.

ahhh yes, detailed light.

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Lol ah yes, that light seems, perfect

Maybe add some more visibile graffiti on the wall behind him or make the door sign lights brighter so they can reflect on him and the car more. Looks pretty nice overall!