GFX Showcase #4

It’s my ig 4th GFX showcase,pls feel free to give feedback


Hey! The work is really nice and I love it, however, the background seems a bit plain to me imo. Try and maybe add some cool background to fit in with the scene!!

Also, I noticed that you used the brush tool to make clothing outlines. Try and use a different variety of colors to make it blend in with the colors of the shirt, and maybe try and render the hair so it can look realistic!!

Other than that, good job on your artwork! Remember to always practice and always keep improving!!

Yea,so the hair was like kind of taken off a pic and my focus went on fixing that and adding clothing outlines.Tnx for saying all these.I will keep my other works posted too

Wow! This art looks amazing, are you making it for people? If so, how many Robux?

Yes I do make it for people and if u want the price of me getting hired.Contact me in discord Dark_ Red#6786.

Woah This Is Really Cool I remember your other GFX but this one is way better keep up the good work :grinning: :+1:

Woah, looks amazing! Well done.

Woww! This is amazing! I love it! Amazing job! Keep up this amazing and can’t wait to see more!:upside_down_face::+1::fire:

Tnk u all for wonderful replies.