GFX Thoughts and Opinions

Made a fun gfx of @i5k, thoughts please.


Although well done, it has some… not errors/mistakes but more so rough edges.
Excuse my lack of grammar but here is a small list.

The top left and bottom right have large colored circles that just don’t fit well.

The text has a rather large, thick, white outline while the character has a very faded, thick, whiteish blue outline.
I, personally, think you should reduce the thickness a bit from both the text and the character. One could also remove the fade from the character’s outline and make it white so he pops out with the text.

I noticed the tip of the hair was cut off from the image, although not a game breaker it could result in some trouble in future use.

On the part of colors, I think a great job was done; However! The text’s color doesn’t match the brightness level of the color scheme as almost all colors are dull but strong while the text is near neon brightness.

I probably missed a lot but this is what I could see and cared enough about to mention!


Uploaded a new photo, I think I covered everything you said.

Don't know exactly about the hair, thats how it rendered and I made sure to fit the whole body in the render.
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You could try adding a bit of a mix color combo to the text but it looks already better!

Already looks good enough IMO to not need much more change.



Wow! That looks super good! 30 characters

To me, the background is fine and the graphic generally looks great, but you should try fixing the left arm, as it’s weirdly bent. As for the right arm, perhaps tilt the paintbrush vertically. It’s looks odd how they’re holding it to the side. More effects on the text would be nice. I like it though!

Okay, I’ll look at that.

I had it that way at first but then changed it, dunno.

Yeah, now I’m thinking I should add a orange/blue gradient on the text. I also have a hard time finding overlays as I ask people where they get them and they don’t tell me much.

Thank you! :heart:


Thanks! So happy you liked my GFX.