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GFX for a Youtube video, I hope you liked the result, give your feedback.



that’s very nice, I like how clear the lighting is. Only feedback would be to change the title to “how many robux can I make in a day”, as I believe that that is the correct grammar. Correct me if you think I’m wrong though!

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Thanks for the feedback, I’m Brazilian and I don’t always speak fluently.

Oh, that’s fair enough, that seems to be a very common mistake even among people who speak English as their primary language. A lot of people likely wouldn’t pick up on it, and everyone would understand what you meant!

You did a good job and I think the light in the corner is not that necessary but everything looks great

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Okay, thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the feedback, it helps me a lot.

That’s pretty decent. The only problem I have is the background!! Why do you use a brick and just texture it with blue. Use the plugin, dynamic sky, It’s really helpful, it gives you a better lighting and actually gives you a real sky where u could customize. Here is a good tutorial I found on it: Another thing I want to point out that makes the “sky” not that great is how the bridge of your is reflecting, it just doesn’t make sense you know.

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Got it, thanks a lot for the tip, I will definitely use it.

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Grass looks a little weird which is something I would fix but other then that, it looks nice. If your using blender, try using hair modifiers and upping the boolian to make the grass more scattered instead of just facing vertically up

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