GFX work, Feedback Needed!

I would gladly appreciate some feedback on my GFX. Such as how much I should charge or fix. (Note - Started 3 days ago) image


This belongs in #development-support:art-design-support as you are not hiring.

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Yes, I have fixed that sorry. I must have clicked the wrong topic.

Looks good! Maybe add more detail :smile:

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The GFX looks good, just make sure that the character (it’s you right?) stands out more than the background. At some parts, the black T-Shirt blends in with the background and same with the white:

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Thanks for the tip! I could fix that by adding a glow maybe, ill try some things out. (Yes, its me)

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Alrighty! Sounds good I will try my best to add some more detail in the future!

Really good! I only noticed one mistake:


On the sleeve, there is a gap that I noticed. I could only find that, but otherwise great GFX! :+1:

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Thanks you, I appreciate the tip!

I think it looks nice. But I would try to somehow make the character stand out more. Like you said above, maybe add a glow or something. But otherwise, looks very good

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Alrighty! Sounds good thanks for the feedback!

Feedback: 2½ minute read time

It is good but just from looking at it, I can tell you are using blender. What I see from a lot of beginner artists is their poor use of coloring. Having a completely black shirt, and a black background is not the best idea.

Shadows & Details:

I can notice the shadows are very straight and low quality, to fix this and make it look better, once you open Blender at the top where it says “Blender Render”, switch it to “Cycles Render”. It will look 100% better and higher quality.


So the lighting isn’t terrible but it can be improved. What you can do is use a lightroom, what a lightroom is essentially is a “room” or area of lights that light up a certain area or object. Another option is the use of an HDRI, an HDRI is another way to light up your characters more. You can insert them into Blender and it will act as the lighting for a scene or a thumbnail. In this case, a lightroom would be better. So, since you just started I am assuming you don’t know any light rooms or have any. For now, you can search up some free lightrooms and once you get the hang of the theory of 3 point lighting and how to use Blender a bit more, you can start making your own.

Floating Render:

In your logo the render appears to be a bit small and is floating, to avoid this simply move the render to the bottom and make it a bit bigger.

Use of Text:

Using text is one of the biggest parts of a logo, without text it doesn’t attract as many people, along with this I would find some cool looking fonts online you can try a website such as DaFont or myFonts to download some fonts.


Like I stated previously the coloring is not the best and does not attract that many people. The character does not stand out very well from the background. A lot of the time when I make my graphics I try to find lighter colored clothing to make it easier to go with a background.


This is a really big feedback reply, so kudos to you for actually reading it, take this feedback do some research and see what you can find out, another thing that is really useful is searching up Speedart Roblox GFX Keep trying new ideas and new things and never give up, if you have an interest in being an artist keep doing it, practice makes perfect.

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Wow! Thanks so much for being straight up! I will definitely me keeping this saved. This is really helpful and will help me a lot through out my career. I will definitely be adding and text and fixing up the GFX itself. I have heard of DaFont and will most likely be using some of the fonts in my GFX, Thanks for the advise!

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It looks nice! However, the shadows looks a bit odd and the background is not really speaking up to me. Try to make the shadows a litte bit softer.


Alright! Thanks for the tip I will work on fixing that.

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I think that you should change the background, it may just be my opinion but I think the background doesn’t match the render.

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For starters, it looks great!

Here are some suggestions to improve your work.
Having a black and white background, for a figure that is dressed in black and white, is not the best idea. Consider using bright, contrasting colours for your GFX to really stand out. In some areas, it’s hard to tell which part is the background and which part is the avatar.
It’s plain. Consider adding some interest by adding details. You don’t have to do much, a visually interesting shirt, would help. Adding some wrinkles to the shirt like you did to the pants for example.

In the area I have highlighted, it looks a bit “wonky.” Consider fixing it, to ensure your GFX looks realistic and consistent.

With all that said, good job and I hope you continue making more of these. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be fixing/adding these in the near future!


It looks amazing, though the shirt dips in the background same as the tophat, if you improve on small details like that you mind as well open your own commisions :slight_smile:

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Alrighty thanks for the tips!!