GFX/Graphics Designer is wanted. [$10 - $30 USD PER GFX]

Job Information - GFX/Graphics Designer

I am looking for an experienced graphics designer that can design thumbnails, logos, game icons and more. The artist must have 2 or more years of experience with outstanding art that can grab the eye of anyone.

Applicant Requirements

It’s asked that you send a portfolio, tell your age & time-zone, payment type (USD or Robux).

Quickly able to respond and communicate properly. I will not respond to those that say “hi, position still opened” “hi i can do gfx” this is paid position, act like you want it.

Use common sense, just because the rule isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it disregard it. Unwritten rules are universal.


During applicant review, you will be conversating with me via DevForum, please send a message to me via DevForum if you’re interested in applying.

I will be paying per graphic design; $10 - $30 USD we can come to an agreement if needed.

If you see a players name, it means the position is filled. >> @USERNAME


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