GFX's I made a few months back

I made these GFX about 6 months back, and I’ve finally got the time to making this forum! Give me feedback and how I could improve.

First GFX

Second GFX

Third GFX

I made them on blender! I hope you like them. :blush:


pretty sick stuff great work,


They look spectacular great outfits and great color schemes.

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Looks cool, the first picture has a bit bad lighting position. Overall, you should add background images behind these characters. Good job.

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Hi! I think these are really cute, they are quite aesthetic! My feedback for you is:

  • Instead of having one bright light, have multiple dimmers lights scattered all around the character, to make the lighting more ambient! This tip really helped me when I was a beginner!

  • For more ambient lighting, you could try an HDRI! Here is my favourite one, it has amazing lighting, you might find it useful! Kiara 1 Dawn HDRI • Poly Haven
    Blender 2.8 How to setup an hdri environment background - YouTube

  • I also think you are ready to start adding 3D backgrounds, and props too! My tips for making a really cute GFX is to make sure the background and props match the color scheme of the character! This helps it have a nice flow!
    How to Add Props to your GFX! || Blender 2.8 Tutorial - YouTube
    You can import backgrounds the same way you can import props!

  • I think your posing and character design is amazing tho, it works really well!

  • You could also have a look at the compilation of GFX tutorials I’ve been finding!
    GFX Tutorials - YouTube

I hope this helped you! Great job, and keep on going! You never know what you could accomplish! :heartpulse:

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