[GGDR] | In-Game Rules and Regulations

Greater German Democratic Republic
Group Management and Community Affairs

In Game Conduct

In Game Rules are primarily enforced by Group High Command Staff and Community Moderation Staff Members who can be clearly identified. These individuals have absolute discretion over the enforcement of in-game rules

  • All ROBLOX Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply within our games
  • You should be respectful and cooperative with Moderation and Game Staff at all times
  • Roleplay is permitted and encouraged however it should be respectable and realistic

The following actions are prohibited:

  • Spawnkilling
  • Glitching
  • Teamkilling
  • Raiding (Consistently Killing) on any team except Insurgent
  • Exploiting / Client Modifications
  • Leaving/Respawning/Reteaming to Avoid Arrest or Punishment
  • Obstructing or Hindering a Moderator
  • Wearing Symbols of Extremism,
  • Discriminatory Conduct,
  • Wearing Bypassed Clothing or Accessories
  • Bypassing the Chat Filter
  • Mass RK / SK / TK
  • GGDR Forces are not permitted to cross the Orange or Red Lines at the Border,
  • Shooting over into the Main Spawn is considered Spawnkilling,
  • You cannot remain in the same spot during Combat (RP Exceptions Apply)

Non-Roleplay Incident Barriers

Non Roleplay Incident Barriers can be identified by yellow markings and the text "NON-ROLEPLAY INCIDENT".

Crossing these barriers without permission makes you liable to be kicked from the game

Universal Content Rule

Our In-Game Rules are not comprehensive and as such a Universal Content Rule Applies. This rule permits moderators to punish for violations of basic societal standards and/or a lack of decency/respect/common sense

Moderation Powers

State Control Commission - Full Moderation Powers
Minister/Deputy Minister - Full Moderation Powers
Administrators - Warn / Kick / Server Ban
Moderators - Warn / Kick

Punishments and Appeals

You may be issued a Verbal Warning, a Formal Warning, a Kick, a Server Ban, a Time Ban or a Permanent Ban. These can be appealed by messaging @Friz_Dzhugashvili on the Developer Forum or through our Social Communications Server.


Gamepasses are non-refundable and may not be implemented immediately. You may need to rejoin the game or wait for a new server for any gamepass benefits to take affect. You are not immune from moderation punishments for owning a gamepass.

In-Game Items

Items purchased with in-game funds (Vehicles, Weapons and Temporary Items) are non-refundable and non-transferable.