Ghost Spectating System

Hello! I’ve been working on a game called Identity Thief for a while now and wanted to show off one of my favorite parts: the spectating system!

When you spectate, you spawn back into the map as a ghost. While you are a ghost, living players cannot see you and cannot interact with you in any way, but you get a front-row seat to the action. Ghosts also track living players, so it is easy to find them!

One role in the game, Clairvoyant, can leave their body and become a ghost without being dead. They can speak with spectators to find out who the Identity Thief (the killer) is, but they leave their body vulnerable to attack.

Here’s a link to the game if anyone is interested (requires three players, so you may have some trouble getting a game started):

Identity Thief: Resurrected

And here are some pictures showing interactions from a player’s point of view and a ghost’s point of view:


This is very cool! Sorry that I’m a bit late, but do you mind me asking how exactly you did this?

I’m trying to recreate a similar effect for my game and I’m struggling on making them into a ghost AFTER they respawn.