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Hello everyone, after weeks of work, i finally present you my Ledge Climbing System with the ability to move left, right, up and down. The system haves a lot of features and its very customizable and flexible.

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Preview : Ledge Climbing System v0.1 | Roblox Studio - YouTube

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  • Animation support Now the system can support animation; now there is just the idle but the others animations are coming soon!

  • Raycast fixes After days i found out a huge raycast glitch that made the system buggy, but now has been succesfully fixed!

  • TweenService arrived In the whole beta-testing period i’ve been using :Lerp to move the character but now LCS use TweenService and everything works better and smoother!

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  • LCS Stable One The official release of the system, with all basics functionality, customization and no critical bugs! : [(5) LCS Stable One - Roblox]( (5) LCStableOne Patch#01 - Roblox)

  • LCS Dev Build One This is not the official release, is a beta version with many glitchs but includes an higly requested feature: moving left and right on a ledge. : (5) LCS DevBuild One - Roblox

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I really worked hard on this project: i fixed lots of bugs but there are still some that i can’t fix; if someone finds one in the code, and knows a solution to fix it that would be highly appreciated to reply this post writing what bug/glitch you found and the solution; to keep this project alive i gonna need all the help from the Roblox Studio community. Anyways hope you enjoied this system, there’s gonna be more in the feature.


Smooth system animations worked in r15 for me and I love the movement for the ledges

Personally I suggest it.

Hello everyone, i announce the patch 01 of my system and fixed the major bug!