Gifs in Roblox with only 1 image

Yo, this worked just how I wanted it to. Thanks mate!


Would it be possible to make a gif as a ScreenGUI rather than on a texture?


Is it possible to do the same thing with GUI and not parts?


Just tried it out in my game! Very easy to update with your chosen gif, this is very cool! Amazing Job!

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This is so good, I’m impressed.

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hello, i know this was from a year ago, but how do I know if the gif has ended? is there any indication to it?

I think no.
textures/decals are not for ScreenGUI but Mabey
if you used a decal alternative like an image label then
I think this is possible!

That’s what the frame count is for, if you add 1 for each time the frame is updated, when you get to the last frame (frame>=framecount) then the gif has ended

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Hey, when I put my sprite sheet id into the texture and run the game, after setting the rows, columns, and frames, of course, It runs the gif like normal except it choppily moves up. Like the OffSetStudsV moves up by 10 every half second and you can see some of the earlier frames at the top and the later frames on the bottom (It’s like split in half)

Here’s a gif of what I’m getting: Gyaco/GIF link:

maybe you have the rows and columns backwards? Another thing to check is that the image is not getting resized when you import it.

I do have the rows and columns correct, Just to be sure I even tried it backward. Also, what do you mean by the image being resized when importing it? I was in the studio link above and put my sprite sheet image where the original one was.

Roblox only accepts images 1k by 1k, and will automatically resize them if they are larger… messing up your math.

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Ohh I had no idea! I’ll try fixing that, thanks for informing me :3

I’ve been playing around with this a little and its really cool
I’m a stage builder in the community so this really helps out creating realistic Visuals to use

Like I said, I’ve had a little play around and figured out how to make a panel where you can switch between as many Gifs as you want

this is a panel i did for someone who wanted visuals for there stage…

I’ve also been experimenting more working on my own stage
this is a lot more complicated with 7 different screen sections having different gif’s displaying compared to the 2 I showed you
(Still in development)

and this clip being more realistic with the actual visuals from the real stage being in Roblox

to get round the night time problem as textures doesn’t display at dark, I simply add a surface light in front of the texture which toggles which brightens up the screen
Still trying to figure out a way if this is possible doing this on a Surface GUI insted of a texture so this would be a lot easier


It’s possible with surface guis, i’ll update the original post soon i suppose, as i primarily use this for guis anyways, so i’ll update soon

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Hello! How can I make this work in ScreenGui? Such as in a frame?

This is quite an amazing resource. With multiple images meant multiple assets being loaded and tons of glitching but this way is much much smoother. Thank you!

The page is good to convert the gif into images of each frame, but the bad thing is that, when uploading in roblox with my 5250 x 4864 image, it causes the animation image to be reduced to 1024x1024 and makes it look bad quality.
Gif :

roblox studio :

the only thing To make it look good is to divide the image, is there another way to be able to divide the images? :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Very useful, nice work! I’ll be using this soon.

Tested it out and works flawlessly. This is amazing and really easy to set up for the ones that aren’t familiar with scripting. Thanks for adding all the values as local values. Great job!