Gifs in Roblox with only 1 image

Great and creative way of doing this! spritesheets could be used for particle effects using this method

hello, sorry for the lack of updates on this post, i will be making an updated post soon showing the gui version, cuz it’s way easier, sorry for the delay i genuinely forgot

me try made gif from anthem roblox
but my texture was cut and big screen:

how to fix is

it looks like you might’ve confused rows and columns, that’s my initial assumption here, but without more details i can’t say much about it

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my image

So I was making a jumpscare gif and I dont want it to loop :(. I tried to use a for loop from 1 to the total frame but it is not 100% accurate :frowning:

If you dont understand. I wanna know how to not loop it :slight_smile:

Yo it’s so smooth! That’s crazy. Nice job man!

doesnt for for me. It gets way out of frame.

can you dm me about this? i might be able to help, as it is likely a configuration issue

Thank you so much! Finally I don’t have to make a decal for every frame!

Hello @HungryFox02. I made a mesh compatible version. I hope this can be useful for everyone.

meshversion.rbxm (7.3 KB)


Hi @HungryFox02 I have a question that I wanted to ask. So I had made the gif animated images on the part for the first time. And it works great. But the thing is, I wanted to make the gif image more brighter with surface gui on the part. How can I edited that type of script on the part brick as a brighten image screen?

The best way I’ve figured out how to is by putting a light source in front and using a simple butting toggle to turn it off and on (if used for day and night scenes). You will lose some quality of colour but will work well enough for what you need.