Gifting System Tutorial


I am currently making a system for my admin GUI where an admin can type in a ROBLOX player’s username and select an item to give to the player.

However, I am having an issue figuring how to make it so it’ll save the item when given until the player it was given to joins the game. I think know it will most definitely use data-storing and I think it may use messaging service but I have no clue!

I would be very grateful for some help! Comment below if you have some questions!



Use DataStore.
You don’t need to use messaging service…

If you’ve a table of items that the player owns, just add the item to table and save it
I recommend using Update Async If you’re going to save a lot

Edit: This should help you with the DataStore: Players | Roblox Creator Documentation

If you’ve any more questions let me know


Admin Gifts → Script checks if they are in the server

If they are then:
-Gift them whatever
If they aren’t in the server then:
-Add the gifter’s name to a table of players to the receiver’s data store.

When someone joins:
-Check if they have any gifts with the data store

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FocusLost on text boxes, remote events, SetAsync (just like @HackItsGood said, you can use GetUserIdFromNameAsync), adding the amount to the data you get from GetAsync.


Thank you so much! You have helped a lot!


Im working on a tutorial, which I will post on #resources:community-tutorials and hopefully that helps too.


Ok thanks a lot! I cant wait to see the tutorial!

I finished it if you want to to check it out