Gimme feedback on outfit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This fit took a couple days but yay it’s done!


I don’t know how to make clothing, but it looks nice! Good job!


That looks SO GOOD, I dream that I could reach that kind of quality in texturing some day.


Looks great! If it’s possible, please show us some other images of the shirt with other skin tones, simply because that black-skinned outfits usually have a totally different style.
I find it absurd to criticize someone’s artistic opinions, however, physically, this part

Have a small issue, the white line is totally horizontally straight, meaning that it is pulled to the max, but on the shirt the pulled part is somehow lower than the fabric around it.

Good job overall!

I usually use dark skin mannequins for diversity because not a lot of people do so
But the actual outfit in my group is transparent ^3^ tyy

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Next time use purple skin for ultra diversity :joy:
That was definitely a joke, but what might fit well on a purple man? :thinking: interesting

This looks good, especially the shading and the wrinkle details (whatever you call it)

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