Giovanni's Public Handbook

What is Giovanni’s?

Giovanni’s is a newly developed Italian and pizza kitchen and restaurant on the Roblox website. Giovanni’s offers unique experiences and food choices, never to forget. Become a staff member and serve the customers of Roblox, or come down to the restaurant with your friends and order a thrilling dinner! Giovanni’s was founded by cvooperrr on May 26th, 2024, and brought to Roblox to revolutionize the Italian-style dinner.

Public Handbook Information:

Giovanni's Guidelines
  • Trolling will result in consequences depending on the severity.
  • Exploiting will be an instant banishment without an option of appealing.
  • Bypassing the filter will lead to an instant banishment.
  • Everyone in game is to be treated with respect.
  • Sharing or asking for any personal information about yourself or others will not be tolerated.
  • Do not troll at any other business, regardless if they’re affiliated with Venti.
  • Raiding will lead to being permanently banned from the game.
  • Advertising a separate group/game/other is not tolerated (talking about other groups in a way that isn’t advertising is perfectly fine).
  • Spamming will lead to a removal from the server and is in no way allowed.
  • Refrain from trash talking other groups or other people.
  • Raiding will result in an instant banishment.
  • Follow Roblox’s Terms of Use.
Rank Structure
  • Customer - Default customer who attends the games, either awaiting an application or enjoying our restaurant.

  • Honored Customer - Customers who have been recognized for their previous work as a management member or as a recognized alliance.

  • Awaiting Training - Staff member who has passed the application but has not been certified as an official staff member.

  • Host/Hostess - Certified staff member who assists in guiding customers to their seats and helping them with prior questions.

  • Waiter/Waitress - Experienced staff member who serves the customers with our unique Italian cuisine.

  • Chef - Restaurant’s food expertise and maker of all food items on Giovanni’s menu.

  • Kitchen Leader - Excelling staff who are trained to be experienced in all categories of staff, eligible for a management position.

  • Management Intern - Unofficial member of management who has either passed an application or been recognized as an exquisite worker.

  • Staff Assistant - First official management rank who assists at trainings and helps assist with customer issues at the restaurant.

  • Supervisor - Management member who coordinates sessions, supervises the restaurant, and deals with lower-rank concerns.

  • Restaurant Manager - Experienced member of management who coordinates sessions, manages the restaurant and deals with some staff issues.

  • Operations Coordinator - Highly excelling management member who is experienced in managing the restaurant, sessions, and staff issues.

  • Executive Assistant - First official rank of Senior Management who is promoted based on them being recognized into a department. (Community Management Team or Staff Management Team.)

  • Executive Officer - Senior member of their respected departments, who is experienced in their department.

  • Developer - Coordinates all of Giovanni’s game management, only a development rank, does not relate to any staff responsibilities.

  • Vice President - Department heads and members of the Leadership Team. In-charge of their department fully.

  • Senior Vice President - Oversees all operations of Giovanni’s, including departments and Roblox/Discord platforms.

  • President - Founder and Owner of Giovanni’s, they oversee and manage all of Giovanni’s operations.

Alliance Information

Alliance Requirements:

  • Group must hold at the very minimum of 50 non-botted members.
  • Discord must achieve a member count of 25 members, no bots included.
  • Group must be professional and willing to announce Giovanni’s events.
  • Must not sell any management ranks or admin, at the very max a rank-up to the highest LR rank.
  • Must have fully functioning games, including the main game, a training center, an application center, or an interview center.

If you want to file for an alliance, please open a ticket in our communications server.

Kitchen Leader Promotion Guide

Before achieving the rank of Kitchen Leader, you must receive training for a Host/Hostess. Once you have reached 100 points at that rank, you are eligible for training for Waiter/Waitress or Chef. You must choose one or the other, but you will learn it once you achieve the rank of Kitchen Leader. To reach Kitchen Leader, you must have 250 points and attend training to have excellence in all jobs.

Kitchen Leaders must be active at the restaurant, use excellent grammar, and remain professional throughout their shift. You must be in our Communications Server, or else you won’t be eligible for Management Intern. Should you feel this system is too difficult, we will be releasing applications monthly, which will include 10 open-worded questions on becoming a Management Intern. Activity and professionalism will be expected as you continue your career as a management member.

Should you have any questions or suggestions for this forum, please message coopthegoat on Discord or Roblox.