Github Gist Is Here To Save The Day...Literally!

While this is a interesting solution to data storage

I do believe that this is against the policy of GitHub, however feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


Not sure what you’re talking about

@astraIboy Thank you for making this, I have been wanting to do this for a VERY long time!

My only request is for you to properly provide source code instead of screenshots, other than that this is really good!

Also would it be possible to store information in a different file format that’s not JSON for example Lua or any other type?

One more question, is it possible to create a new Gist entirely from within Roblox?

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That screenshot doesn’t appear to contain any actual information from GitHub themselves. Again, I am not certain if you can, just saying be careful and check for yourself in their policies.


While GitHub’s Terms of Service don’t expressly forbid using Gists as a makeshift database, they do have rules on fair use and limits on API requests to prevent misuse. Afaik, the rate limit is 5000 authenticated requests per hour. The terms also prohibit content that promotes illegal activities or creates liability. Misusing Gists in a way that disrupts GitHub’s service or involves illegal activity could be considered a terms violation. Although using Gists this way isn’t explicitly banned, it’s typically not the best solution and it’s recommended to review the current terms or reach out to GitHub with any specific usage concerns.

TL;DR You can use it without any problems, however not advisable for larger projects see why in “Potential Downsides”

Potential Downsides

Gist, a GitHub feature, can be used as a simple, basic database for small projects due to its create, read, update, delete (CRUD) functionalities accessible via GitHub’s API. However, it has limitations including a 1 MB size limit per gist, rate-limited API usage, lack of advanced database features, and limited data security and privacy. While it’s feasible, it’s typically not advised except for small, straightforward projects or prototypes. Larger projects should use a dedicated database system.

@astraIboy you should add a disclaimer, it would be unfortunate for an inexperienced developer to use this and to only find out that they have shot themselves in the foot


Please dont do this. This is a horrible idea for datastores. You are better off with roblox’s datastores instead. You are limited to 5000 authenticated requests per hour + 300 requests per minute. Dont do this if you want to make a big game. It also has a db limited to only ONE MEGABYTE OF STORAGE. its completely unacceptable for database usage. (Thats under the limit for key size for roblox datastores itself!)


The issue is that you are limited to 5000 authenticated requests per hour so don’t run on Github Gist for large experiences

pointed out by: @commitblue and @RuizuKun_Dev

Everything? I would advise only enabling the necessary scopes used by each token — in this case, only the gist scope — for security reasons. You would not want a malicious user to suddenly be able to perform undesirable actions through your GitHub account with a simple token.


Well none of that would happen if the person with the token wasnt dumb enough to leave it somewhere they shouldnt, but then again roblox datastores are just the way to go honestly, shouldve never posted this shit

Is this upgradable?

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wonderful approach to data security, that’s like having a post-it on a monitor with credentials to your bank account

probably nothing happens, but if it happens, you’ll lose a lot

You’re using it in a Roblox game. Perhaps a malicious plugin searches for keys in scripts and sends them to an attacker. Perhaps you hire staff and they (accidentally) share your code, or perhaps you uploaded your code to GitHub and forgot it was still on “public”.

Such accidents happen to everyone. It probably never happens, but if it does, an attacker has control over most of your account.

This is why tokens have their own permission sets. By using the PoLP principe (Principle of Least Privilege), you can easily prevent a lot of destruction by just clicking on a few boxes!


I could see this being used to store game-specific flags to toggle features on the fly for an experience with a small player-base — although there are probably much better ways to do this that wouldn’t break if your experience suddenly has a large influx or players.

Storing user-data is probably not a great idea though.

It isnt upgradable dont even think about trying to use it

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i wanna

ur just asking for pain at this point

i like to manually edit and have control of my data without using a 300 robux plugin

there are free alternatives like the free plugin versions

gimme them pls


I found that you leaked the link to your data gist

I commented this in your gist (My github account is VSCPlays)

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dude it was the test dummy one also idrc about github gist anyways, L github gist fr

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