Give better user feedback on Physics Dragger and why it doesn't do anything

I want to drag this ladder model around and not have to think about what the PrimaryPart or pivot is.

Getting the legs to match up with the floor in my level is driving me nuts.

I think a physics dragger that:

  1. Simulated the cursor grabbing the model as a spring constraint
  2. Simulated collisions and gravity

Would quickly converge on the solution I"m trying to achieve.

What is this bounding box? I don’t even want to deal with this. I know of no way to fix this. When this model is published to the catalog, the thumbnail looks OK. It’s not off-axis. So at some level the engine “knows” what the semantically correct bounding box is. Can we use that?

Catalog gets it right? Why can’t this orientation be the default unless I do something to change it? The minute the dragger touches it, I get some whack default orientation instead of this one.



Physical draggers that respect constraints and physics are already a built-in feature, if that’s what you’re looking for.



If I switch to “physical dragger” I can’t even move it, even if I turn off collisions.

Isn’t that only for IK? I tried using that dragger to position chains in a previous level I made.


You need to unanchor the object first.


It should at least give me that feedback.

What. The. ####.

Works for me now.

I wonder, is there a reason physics dragger doesn’t temporarily unanchor whatever I’m trying to move? Trying to drag something and having nothing happen is pretty much never what the user wants.


What if you are trying to move an assembly that is partially anchored? (Such as pulling a chain that is anchored to a wall on one end, or the arm of a crane). Unanchoring the whole assembly here before moving doesn’t make sense because it would break those use cases.

Unanchoring just the part you are dragging doesn’t make sense either because if it’s welded to another part that is anchored, you get the same issue.

It would work if they could give a warning if nothing in the assembly is able to move at all as you are dragging it


Maybe when I start a drag, all the anchored parts in the assembly should be tinted RED indicating that they won’t move.

Maybe with a little widget that would give options like “unanchor grabbed piece/unanchor all”

Right now I just assumed it was broken because nothing happens.


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