Give developers the ability to add custom webpage backgrounds for their games/groups

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to make our game/group pages fully immersive to returning/new players who are interested in our game/group.

I would like the ability to add custom webpage backgrounds to our game and group pages. This would allow our game/group pages to become more immersive and unique. It could potentially even entice new players to play a game they are on a page for, as the unique background really makes the game stand out more.

Here’s a rough example of how powerful a custom webpage background can be for a game:

As you can see, the game already looks a lot more fun with just a custom background added.

As you can see here, my game’s info page stands out and is a lot more interesting to the player, as the web-page feels “complete”, that is they don’t feel like they are on a game’s information page, but rather that they feel like they are already “in” the game.
This feature would also help with game/group branding.

This is cool and all, would this work?

Uploading background images would obviously be ran through moderation to prevent malicious/inappropriate images from being uploaded.
If needed, uploading a background image could cost a number of Robux (like 25-100 robux or something).

Having a feature like this is a must if games are to become more unique and branded on the Roblox platform.

EDIT : Wanted to clarify, this would be a feature on all the platforms (PC, Mobile, XBOX)

EDIT 2 : I wanted to clarify that the FONT would not be customizable, it would remain the same as it is right now. My example screenshot only shows a different font because the theme just happens to have a different font.


This would be really cool, but it would make the website pretty inconsistent. If you went from one page to one with lots of italics, different fonts, and inconsistent readability due to the background, this will greatly affect usability. There is also aspect ratios to worry about, since it may be on Samsung’s superwide 32:9 display, or my 3:4 BlackBerry KEY2.


I’m not suggesting that we change the font, I’m suggesting that we simply have the ability to change the background imagery.

The font change you see in my example is merely because the example theme I applied just happened to have a different font. I’ll clarify this in my post.


This is seriously something I would love to see. It would give games the spotlight instead of Roblox, which would help us devs tremendously. Awesome idea.


I think this is an amazing idea, the custom background image makes the game page seem like a “real game,” like you’re viewing it in an app store or something. I think this would help make games seem even more unique and it gives the developer(s) even more control over their game. Support 100%


Support! Sorry for the bump but as more and more games are being made with different game themes and such, I feel like a custom webpage background would be very useful for me and other developers with some sort of attention and spotlight onto the platform for a lot of users.

Anyway, I feel like with the introduction of this will bring out a lot of more unique colors to the Roblox platform and attract more and more users across the platform for these wonderful games as they’re unique and “immersive”. In my opinion to this feature, it would also bring in the term “Powering Imagination” to this, take the picture that you’ve token and made as an example as users’ will like the design and the objects that are inside the particular game.

^ For games like Adopt Me, Jailbreak or Natural Disaster Survival, it would be useful instead of seeing a dark/white theme around the whole game itself, it looks too bland.

I don’t see fonts being a main-factor to this as it would ruin the atmosphere and uniqueness of games.

I would like the ability for more customization and colors for the games or group games/groups that will get players attentions and a gasp to see the beauty of each game with a single image, would like to use this myself one day!

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