Give Feedback on Core Gameplay (Parkour Swinging)

The game needs a lot of polish, and is obviously not yet ready for release.

However, before working on it further, I want to get feedback on Core Mechanics and gameplay loop.

You need to find and deliver the red backpack to a delivery location.
Each time backpack spawns in a random location, and delivery location changes.

The red compass on the down right corner shows you the location of backpack.
After you pick up the backpack, the same arrow shows the delivery location.

E - Right Hand Hook
Q - Left Hand Hook
F - Pick up the backpack
P - Compass On/Off
Left Ctrl - Shiftlock On/Off

Make sure to use the Left Ctrl shiftlock, it makes it a lot easier to swing.

Grapple Express - Roblox

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Even tho you are using a stolen Map, which i do not suggest, the game’s core mechanic is interesting, but it still could be improved in some ways;

  • Adding raycast, while swinging and getting too close to the ground, you could implement pulling up a bit harder/ faster
  • Making all face accesories invisible while in First Person

– Character does not Respawn, once fallen into the void

++ Compass is a nice Addition

Map was just pulled out of toolbox. It is not stolen, it is a free asset put out for free use, which I used.
Everything else, including gui and scripts, is made by me down to every letter.

Thanks for the other suggestions.

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I get what you mean, but the Map as it self actually is a stolen asset from a Big game; called “Parkour” as it just was april fools, also known as “Mach-4 Simulator”

Mach 4 Simulator - Roblox (here the game as a reference, the map you have there is a slightly older version, but its still easily recognizable

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Didn’t know that. But anyway was planning to replace the map with a custom one when the game got more polished.

Nice mechanics, W for stealing Parkour map

The map has been replaced with a different temporary map.

Interesting, but I found the mechanics difficult to use. My first parcel was on the top of the tallest building around. I could not grapple up to it (i always ended up on a lower tower).

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I’ll have to implement a tutorial, since mechanics are not self explanatory.
If you press E and Q together, it releases both hooks, and pulls stronger. You can climb vertical surfaces this way, by just aiming higher than you, holding E and Q, and releasing at the last moment.

it’s worse than parkour, i would rather play parkour than this


This is an excellent start, and I personally enjoy the double swinging mechanic (holding E and Q).

As movement is one of the main focuses, I would suggest making the normal swinging slower and requiring the player to accelerate themselves with the double swing mechanic. Apart from the game design, the rest is up to you. Good luck with your work moving forward!