Give me clothing feedback please ( •̀ ω •́ )

Guys the clothing that is being sold has TRANSPARENT skin color, this is just a MANNEQUIN :sob:


Looks really cool! Keep going with this, youre talented


I like how detailed it is! Looking forward to your future creations.


This looks really good! Instead of it being bright and colorful, maybe add a bit more shading and depth so the material can really stand out instead of it looking “plastic” like.


It looks amazing though! Keep up the good work!

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Realism is not my specialty but I can make my shading look more defined :yum:


I think realism in a lot of cases is bad for ROBLOX designs – with the limitations of R6 and R15, the more “realistic” something gets, the weirder it looks. More stylized is more better.

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Oh… It’s um… It has rainbows…

The shading is good but since I’m a guy, I’m not a big fan of bright pastel colors. If I was a girl, I would probably love it.

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Anyone can wear rainbows dude, it’s 2022 :rofl:

Thank u

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