GIVE ME FEEDBACK please ( ⓛ ω ⓛ )

I made something for spring time!


Looks amazing, I would recommend changing the skin tone to transparent, unless that’s what the buyer was wanting, but other than that amazing job! :heart:

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Thank you!! This is just a background mannequin to showcase! The real outfit
is transparent!


Oh, alright. (character limit)

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Wow amazing! But I would recommend changing skin color (BTW…Its amazing too), but anyways good job I should buy it :3

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its good but i am not into clothing and also instead of shouting at us like we praise you or something next time try saying it nicely

I’m not looking for praise, just advice to improve, I thought the title would be funny :upside_down_face:

looks good, but it’s all really bright and there’s not any shading. (under anything that would puff out like at the straps)

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