Give me minigame ideas

I am making a minigames game. There are already 30+ games, around 80% of which are games never seen before on Roblox. I ran out of ideas on what to make now.

Any and all minigame ideas are very appreciated

General Info:

  1. Games are usually up to 4 minutes, longer games are kind of a stretch, but if your idea is good the time can be longer.

  2. I have already games where each player is on his own, and games where players are divided into 2 teams opposing each other. The most wanted and valuable game ideas for me now are games, where all players have to work together to win.


You can add a clash royale minigame if you wish. :wink:
Would take max 4 minutes

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That would be too complicated to play. My game ideas are kind of dopamine bombarding. Simple things but fun. In one game for example players can ragdoll each other by pushing, and they need to push off the ice. Clash royale with card decks and team tactics (I would have to make it a team, cuz there can be 20 players in game at the same time), would be too complicated and tiring for the players.

I will try to think of some kind of strategy minigame that is multiplayer, simple and short.

I really like and admire the way you think. I’m not a really creative person but I suggest the following:

Lazer Gun Tag

There will be 2 Teams with Lazer Guns, and they’ll have to aim at the opposite Team’s Players and they get a point. They will have to keep going until the 4 minute timer is over, and the team with the most points wins the minigame.

Collection of Items

Players will have to go around the map looking for either:

  1. One specific item, and the Team that finds it first gets a point
  2. Many items of the same kind, and the Team that finds the biggest amount of the item gets a point.


Usually the word “Race” is an event which each participant races for themselves. In this case, it will not be like that. Instead, they will be working with their Team Members. They will run up into a certain point of the map where their other Team Member is at, and once they go there, the other one will be able to now move, and race and do the exact same. I do indeed know this is a Sport already where you give your Teammate some sort of stick, but idk the name of the sport…

I really hope this is enough, and I’m sorry if they don’t match the style of your game or just the style you were thinking of in general. Looking forward to play your game in the future, contact me when it’s published :happy3:


You could make a find the button type mini game. There could be a button that people can work together to find.

The lazer gun tag is not that fun, the collection of items may be fun with further development of the idea.

But I Extremely like the race idea, waiting for your curve-legged teammate to be able to race and win sounds great fun. This will definitely be added to the game. Thanks for the idea!

…Some sort of WarioWare games?
Like, clearing more shorter games.

Not exactly, I just watched a video of it. None of the games could be transitioned into Roblox and be fun + they are much shorter than the games I want. My games are usually 1-4 minutes.

A good example of what I want would be already existing in Roblox “Epic Mini-Games”, but I’m making the games completely different and unique from their games, because there is no need for a copy of that game.

Whack a mole.


Basically computer class from royal high but they have three hearts.

The dancing from royal high.

Draw on the line.

Draw inside the lines.

Fly through all the rings.

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The whack a mole one is interesting, I’ll add it, thank you! The last three definitely exist in Epic Mini Games, and I’m not looking to copy their games. I didn’t understand Computer Class and The Dancing, can you explain them?

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Well I wasn’t saying copy exactly, just take inspiration.

The dancein is basically a rythem game but it’s teams of two and if you both run out of hearts you lose.

The computer class is “coding” where you press the key on your keyboard corisponding to the one it shows on your screen. You type lines of “code” by getting enough right in a row. It’s not actually code though, it’s just random letters.