Give me opinions on this build

Its not finished in the inside, but the outside is fully finished.

Please tell me what I could do to improve.

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Hello, Toxic!

The build looks nice and neat, but could have improvements! To name a a few:

  • Try adding some shape to it

  • Try using a more wide color palette, it would make the build look more appealing

(If this is your first build, it’s pretty good!)

It looks more like a motel rather than a modern house. If you’d like to mix it up try using textures and materials and experiment with window types. Also, try to make an overhang for the roof and more elevations such as a balcony.

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Add curves to the side, and add more detail, like window frames. Also try to make a roof. Good job though!

I recommend adding more shape to this house, as it looks like a box.

Hey @ToxicSpyderz,
The build is fantastic, however it has some room to improve. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If your goal was to make the home modern, I would suggest making it have large glass bay windows around the place, and a smooth plastic frame.
  • You could add some more shape to it, right now it looks like a big cube, perhaps a roof and a balcony would look nice.
  • I know symmetry looks nice, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it in a build like this. You could make a slanted roof on a side, etc.

Those are a few, I wish you luck in future builds!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact me here on the developer forum or message me on Discord.


Happy building,