Give me some cool ideas for my Roblox Project

Yestarday I posted a Feedback Topic of my Project called “Wheel Of Rubox” (And yes it’s a gameshow inspired by Wheel of Fortune and another one from my country)

Link: Feedback from the project

I have some plans of this Roblox project but it’s for Season 2 (This season will have new stuffs for the project) and I need some awesome ideas from you guys that could help my project be better!

Plans for Season 2 (made by me)

1 - Making a Season 2 (Confirmed)
2 - Making Admin/Mod/VIP Commands (Confirmed)
3 - Making maps for Season 2 (Confirmed)
4 - Make Cool maps (Confirmed but we need some ideas from you!)
5 - Hire new Hosts for the gameshow (Unconfirmed)
6 - Hire new Devs for the gameshow (Unconfirmed)
7 - Gameshow will be recorded by International YouTuber (me) (Confirmed)

I have more plans but you can look in the group wall! All plans in the group wall

Now If you want to give me some cool ideas, I appreciate that!

Your cool ideas in the replies to be in the plans for the Season 2

Also, the ideas needs to be cool and not that silly ones like “Make a Giant Toilet Obby Obby”

Cool ones (Example): Make your own “Tower of Hell” inside of your gameshow!

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Thx @colbert2677! I didn’t know that should be #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

You deserve my respect :smile: :v:t2: