Give me some FeedBack about my new GFX!

Hey, Guys! :vulcan_salute:t3:

:sauropod: I did my newest GFX work, it was hard and I’m having some difficulties with regards to the application of editions, Photoshop, etc. Therefore, I would like your opinion, thank you, get well! :call_me_hand:t3:


Hello @ThIaG0358 The GFX look very good, however I am improving the graphics of the mountains, and maybe even how the avatar holds the gun so that it is more realistic.
my advice maybe is to keep the style of the GFX, If the GFX is Realistic use a realistic style.
Also as a quantity of vehicles and more

Still Great job!


that’d be a sick game thumbnail dang, that looks awesome!


Very nice! The sandunes are a bit to high for me though.

Other than that, its very good. :grinning:


Overall great but it looks very flat and not eye-catching unless thats what youre going for.

  1. theres no dynamics,
  2. the sky looks like it doesnt belong in the scene,
  3. in this scene i feel like the camera shouldnt be perfect 90 degrees, maybe tilted a lil to the side on the x or y axis,
  4. the fov (forgot what its called) could be tapered with, to make the scene have some movement,
  5. if youre using a pbr material for the ground dont forget to get a hq (like 1k to 4k) texture and put the normal map texture to noncolor data (if youre using blender).
  6. also if youre wanting to make it look a bit more realistic set the colors to high contrast in color managment (if youre using blender)
  7. also add either some texture or handpaint the textures for the mountains to make them seem more believable, let them have more extreme edges.

Again overall not bad but i would change a lot if it was my piece of work


Thanks for Helping, I am gonna add some of the tips you sent! Have a great day! :v:t3:

Thanks very much for sending your FeedBack! :call_me_hand:t3:

Oh, ok. Thanks for helping! :metal:t3:

I cannot change the sky completely, as it is an arid location and, because of this, the sky is clear and almost nothing composed of clouds, few added to give a better visualization to the image. If you can, explain a little more about the dynamics you mentioned. In addition, I would like to know if you have another say for the texturing of the mountains, I am aware that they are terrible, but my attempts at editing were flawed. Thanks for the FeedBack! :grin: :call_me_hand:t3:

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Oh! I see you managed to solve your problem! To be honest, even with the problem it looked amazing, but now? 10/10 my guy!

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Thanks for helping, have a great day! :v:t3:

This Looks Epic You Could Add Details On The Tanks Like Sandbags And Bags.

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Nice. But the lighting is not so good and a bit odd. The cactuses don’t look natural and the light on it doesn’t seem to fit. But its good!

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Thanks for Helping! Have a great day! :v:t3: :call_me_hand:t3:

Thanks for the tips! :grin: :v:t3:

What i mean in dynamics is that the shadows are almost not there besides AO (ambient occlusion), so makin the scene a bit darker or adding some desert/dead trees or vegetation to make some shadows and darker spots.

Some depth of field would add just some interest in the picture.
For the mountains i feel like just making the tops sharp and making the mountain a bit more distorted would be the trick for the shape.
For the texture, again painting it by hand would probably get the best results, but that would take a ton of time. so maybe cover some parts of the mountain in shrubs and dead plants (cause its the desert).

I feel like for the sky making it a bit more desaturated would help in post proccesing. Also dust/sand overlays would help to add movement.

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Looks really cool! I see you’ve taken inspiration from this video How to make EPIC ROBLOX GFX - YouTube, which is good.

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Yeah, but I changed lots of the configurations. :call_me_hand:t3: Thanks for the FeedBack!

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Thanks for helping! Awesome tips! :call_me_hand:t3:

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Agian, there’s not any texture on the hills and there’s only cacti near the subject and not in the background.