Give me some game name suggestions

So I’ve been developing a game for the past few weeks, and I plan on releasing it by next month or shortly after, I’m just struggling to figure out a name for it.
It is a fighting game, similar to most battlegrounds games on the platform with a few differences, and it was mostly inspired by elemental battlegrounds. In this game, you can unlock different elements, being earth, water, wind, fire, etc., and use the skills from those elements to fight other players. You can then make your own combination of skills from elements that you’ve unlocked.

In-game screenshot, with the fire element skills:

Another core feature is weapons, as you can unlock weapons that have their own unique skills. In that screenshot I’m using the boxing gloves, which give you the uppercut skill, and in this screenshot, I’m using the katana, which gives you a counter skill:

There’s also gonna be several different worlds you can join, each based on an element.

And here’s a quick little showcase of the combat:

And I’ve been sort of struggling to come up with a name, the one that I’ve been using is “Elemental Arena” but I feel like there are better options.
Here are a few others I came up with:

-Magic Mayhem
-Astral Arena
-Elemental Brawl

If you have any suggestions for name ideas, please let me know.


Wow, looks incredible! Definetly think this has some huge potential.

Have you considered asking ChatGPT for name ideas?


Yeah, Astral Arena is one of them actually, though any other suggestions it gave me I didn’t really like

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There’s no way we’re already using ChatGPT for name ideas :joy: come on just get creative. Magic Mayhem sounds fun, Elemental Brawl sounds cool. Maybe Elemental Mayhem? Magic Brawl?


If you’re still judging people for using ChatGPT to make their workload lighter you really need to start changing that mentality to get ahead.

To get ahead in this space you need to adapt to technological changes as soon as they come as they can really benefit you. You also don’t have to waste countless hours thinking about something you could’ve just solved in 1 minute with AI.

Try to adapt to AI because chances are it will save you A LOT of time!


Also, ChatGPT literally generated Elemental Mayhem for me lol:

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elemental showdown sounds most fitting imo


call it “Powerforge” because you are getting different powers and stuff


also throw this into #help-and-feedback:game-design-support and give someone the solution


oh good idea, gonna do that now


For now I’m going with elemental showdown, and I made a logo:

This is subject to change, but it’s what I’m going with for now


No, I completely understand that. I’m just saying from my perspective, as a creator I’d want to come up with the name myself. I understand generating ideas using AI, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t 100% pick the name of your experience. To each their own though. Also that’s funny that it came up with Elemental Mayhem.

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