Give me your feedback to my obby tower in my difficulty chart obby!

Hi Am want to ask Roblox developers, builders, and more…

Please give me your feedback on my obby tower for my difficulty chart obby!

Here are some photos of it and the game link:

And here is the game link:


Looks nice but I’m not sure if it differentiates from other obby towers. Also, once the users get to the end, they will leave, making it pretty difficult for the game to keep players in game. The obby itself looks pretty nice but if you haven’t already, I’d make some little pro shortcuts that can be taken to improve the time.


Well evidently its quite well made, but compared to all the other ones, its not unique nor original.
So the point is for you to understand the fact that in order to succeed, you’ll have to either remake a super attractive map, or have a lot of features, or just mass monetize and advertise it.


Like @ii_Oranjey said, people leave when they finish

Try making more levels

Does this save?

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The shiftlock stopped working after death
Im in R15, can you make it R6
The R also sent me back to the first stage


Aaaargh, pls fix this fast

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The obby tower looks fun to play from the photos nice job.

The stages in game you can play have a few spawns that face you the wrong direction which can be annoying. Also they’re a lot of stages you need to jump around a wall which makes it very repetitive.

I like the quick respawn, saves a lot of time.

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am fixed it right now
and other bugs same!

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yes, stages are saving and am working on more stages!

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For the first and last floors, you should try and fill up the floor with more jumps/decoration. This would make the tower look more appealing as those floors look very bland.

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  • Add some cool features!
    it looks jtoh styled, you could add many other things like conveyors, tightropes, etc
  • Add decoration and themes!

    heres one I made with an underwater theme, make it more appealing!
  • Use a variety of different parts in a unique way, the gameplay looks repetitive instead of duplicating parts, make changes
    There are many obby plugins especially for the type of tower you make!
    Archimedes Two (v2.4) - Roblox
    Allows you to rotate parts in unique ways
    Building Tools by F3X (Plugin) - Roblox
    Build more efficiently as well as a few more features
    Stravant - GapFill & Extrude - Roblox
    fill gaps in between edges

Looks great man, keep up the work!

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Thanks for your feedback i will sure do something with it!

Yeah, that’s not bad i will try to edit it and thanks you for feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!