Give over Groups permission to edit the group Game

Hello developers,

I need to know how i give user permission from other groups to edit a game. Like they should be able to edit it in Studio and addding stuff like Animations. If you know how to then please tell me it would help me a lot.

I cant give them Permission to edit tho

Have you figured out a solution? I’m also stuck with the same issue…

No sorry, I’m still figuring out how to do this as no one replied

Does the rank have permission to change or make new games?

You cannot give individual groups editing permissions in Roblox Studio. Instead you’d have to individually type their usernames using Team Create, which can be accessed by using the blue “Collaboration” button at the top right of the window while editing. Since your game is group-owned, the editors must be members of your group; if they are not in your group, they cannot be added as collaborators.

Here’s an article regarding collaboration in Roblox Studio.