Give plugin toolbar an icon


I am currently in the middle of creating a new part of my plugin, where you can insert objects. Though, I have a problem with this feature. You see, I decided to create 2 new toolbars for scripts and packages, and the icons are the first button displayed which is the client button:


The main problem with this is that it creates mass confusion and is just not really desired. Is it possible to circumvent this?

I’m not the greatest with plugins, but I’m not sure if it is possible to give the toolbar an icon. I’m pretty sure it just makes the icon of the toolbar the icon of the first button added to it.

And from what I’ve read on the documentation before, and right now as I pull it up to link it, the toolbar only takes one parameter, which is the name you give it.

“Plugin” documentation:

Full page: Roblox Globals | Roblox Creator Documentation

CreateToolbar documentation:

CreateToolbar(name: string): PluginToolbar  
Creates a new PluginToolbar with the given name.

Full page (found under the Methods section): Plugin | Roblox Creator Documentation
This one, too: Plugin | Roblox Creator Documentation

That’s sad. It should be fine though. (as long as no one complains)

It is pretty annoying. I agree. I wish I could actually set an icon for it.

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