Give the animation editor its own window

The biggest problem I have with the animation editor is that it takes up like 50% of the viewport which is a huge nuisance. Not only is it hard to see what I’m doing, I usually need to resize the editor and move it to an inconvenient spot. I then have to deal with a smaller-sized editor, which is also annoying.

A great improvement would be a separate window in Studio for animating, similar to the scripting editor. This would be incredibly helpful. No more dragging around the window, making sure it fits right, and no more working in a weirdly-sized viewport.

I’m sure this would be harder to implement but man would it make the animation editor better.


You can drag out the animation editor window, no?

That’s literally what I’m complaining about. It takes up an ungodly amount of the viewport, even when you drag it around.

I want it to have its own window and viewport, similar to when you start a server.

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Ohh, you want it to be “tabbable” like the script editor? Or some way to make it render under studio when it’s not in focus?


Exactly. I’ll make OP more clear.:slight_smile:

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You can always put in under another window to make a new tab:

If you’re asking to have the rig and timeline in a separate view, I’m not sure how that would look or could be positioned to make it take up less room. If you could show what you’re thinking with a screenshot or wire frame mockup, that would probably make things clearer.


I would like something similar to the scripting editor. It’d basically be the exact same but everything animation-related would be in this animation editor tab thing. Other windows like the explorer and properties window wouldn’t be visible here:


I’m on my phone so I can’t make my own mockup at the moment.

Moving the editor around is what I do now but I get my Studio layout messed up. Most of the time I have to close some tabs and reopen and position them later which slows down my workflow.

I also like having a bigger editor. I don’t want it to be a little square in my corner. A separate window without showing any editors but the scripting one would give me this space.


If you have it as a tab like the script editor how will you see the Dummy while animating it? Let me know if I’m interpreting this wrong.

I was thinking the ribbon bar would be the editor or something. This would give me plenty of space to see what I’m doing.